Uncommons Maths API
(Version 1.2.3)

Interface NumberGenerator<T extends Number>

Type Parameters:
T - The type (Integer, Long, Double, etc.) of number to generate.
All Known Implementing Classes:
AdjustableNumberGenerator, BinomialGenerator, ConstantGenerator, ContinuousUniformGenerator, DiscreteUniformGenerator, ExponentialGenerator, GaussianGenerator, PoissonGenerator

public interface NumberGenerator<T extends Number>

Interface for providing different types of sequences of numbers. This is a simple but powerful abstraction that provides considerable flexibility in implementing classes that require numeric configuration. Refer to the implementations in this package for examples of how it can be used.

Daniel Dyer
See Also:
ConstantGenerator, AdjustableNumberGenerator

Method Summary
 T nextValue()

Method Detail


T nextValue()
The next value from the generator.

Uncommons Maths API
(Version 1.2.3)