Uncommons Maths API
(Version 1.2.3)

Package org.uncommons.maths.combinatorics

Utility classes for combinatorics.


Class Summary
CombinationGenerator<T> Combination generator for generating all combinations of a given size from the specified set of elements.
PermutationGenerator<T> Permutation generator for generating all permutations for all sets up to 20 elements in size.

Package org.uncommons.maths.combinatorics Description

Utility classes for combinatorics. Includes classes for generating permutations, combinations and cartesian products.

Michael Gilleland (original implementations of PermutationGenerator and CombinationGenerator that the Uncommons versions are derived from)., Daniel Dyer (Uncommons modifications to the original versions).

Uncommons Maths API
(Version 1.2.3)